Writing A Critical Essay Just Like Essay Writing Experts!

Writing A Critical Essay Just Like Essay Writing Experts!
October 18, 2018
Author : Steve

Ever thought what are the things which make the essays written by an expert different from those written by students? There is no magic in these essay writing services, except for the fact that they stick to a particular format that helps them fetch an HD grade in their essays. Also, there is a huge difference between a dissertation writing and an essay, which students don’t understand. Among all other essays, critical essays are the ones that are most complex and requires essay writing help.

A critical essay not only involves adhering to a particular format but also requires a critical approach towards various aspects concerning the essay. Realising this, My Assignment Help Australia has come up with various nuances of writing a critical essay. We are sure that if you follow these steps while writing your essays, you would write a critical essay, just like essay writing services experts, in no time!

A Glance at How to Master Critical Essays

A critical essay is a piece of academic writing which interprets, analyses and evaluates a given text. Basically, ‘analysing’ means showing the essence of something, by breaking it down into components and elucidating each portion in detail. This might involve making connections between the components. ‘critically analysing’ means giving your own opinion and then substantiating it with an evidence. According to our essay writing experts, analysing is more important than just describing what you are evaluating. Giving your own judgement with valid proof is what is mainly expected in a critical essay.

Students generally seek essay writing help because they fail to analyse the text properly. For instance, you watch “Pride and Prejudice” with your friends and comment about the status of women in a Victorian society based on how Elizabeth has been treated in the movie, then you are unknowingly critically analysing the movie. This is because you are giving your judgement on the raw content of the movie, rather than analysing the themes which the director wanted to show.

Characteristics of A Critical Essay

Not just literature, the scope of a critical essay is very broad. Critical essays are written are needed across various disciplines like video games, films, visual art and many more. Experts of essay writing services believe that despite the differences, critical essays share the same characteristics, which are:

Central Claim

The first and foremost thing that you have to think about is the central claim about the given text. This argument is included at the beginning of the essay, in the thesis statement. Thereafter, this argument is substantiated with evidence in the following body paragraphs. So, the first task while writing a critical essay is to select an appropriate central claim. Students face a lot of problems with this step. However, our essay writing experts are pro at this.


Next after the central claim, comes the evidence which would support it. This is because any claim without a proof or evidence would be similar to taking blind shots, wouldn’t it? Mostly, evidence in critical essays is in the form of textual support like imagery, dialogues, structure etc. that strengthen the argument. Arguments from credible sources like books and journal articles can also help to reinforce the central claim.



The experts of essay writing services across the world generally consider the conclusion to be the most imperative step in any critical essay. This is because after making a claim and supporting it, it is important to reinforce the central claim so that the reader thinks about it. The conclusion serves in summarising the trajectory of the essay and highlighting the main insights of the essay.

Tips to Write A Flawless Critical Essay

Writing a critical essay needs a laborious analysis as well as the scrupulous argument-creating process. This is not a cup of tea for every student. This is the reason why students seek essay writing help from experts. So, here are a few steps that would enhance the quality of any critical essay.

  • Extensive Reading of text: Reading is the best method that would enable you to write flawless critical essays. This is because, while reading you might get many pieces of evidence that would substantiate your central claim.
  • Referring example essays: Generally, students have an inadequate knowledge about the format of a critical essay. So, why not refer to examples of various published critical essays, before diving into the task of writing critical essays yourself.
  • Resisting summarising: Critical essays should be your own creation. Thus, before summarising, halt and think whether the things that you are writing actually concern the argument or is just increasing the word count.

What’s Up with Our Essay Writing Services?

The experts of My Assignment Help have gained an expertise in essay writing, especially in critical essays. Our 100% plagiarism-free work highlights our own opinions, that are the essence of any critical essay. Thus, a student is able to score best with our essay writing assignments. Also, each and every sectional requirement like the word count, deadline, reference style etc are taken care of. So, what are you waiting for? Come and avail the (not self-proclaimed) best essay writing services across Australia.

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