TAFE: Technical and Further Education [An Insight]

TAFE: Technical and Further Education [An Insight]
May 05, 2018
Author : Mike Carey

Before you read about TAFE, you need to go through what it is a part of. Let us first understand the educational sector and the education system in Australia. So, for those who don’t know much about it, this article will certainly help them to get their basics right.

What is the Tertiary Sector?

Tertiary education, also known as the post secondary education, is that level of training which is pursued after the completion of schooling that provides secondary education. Undergraduate and postgraduate education, together make up the higher education. Anything beyond these two is considered to be Further education, which majorly consists of vocational courses. Most of them are qualifying courses which come under the Australian Education Qualifying Framework. So, Tertiary Education includes Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Certificates, Diplomas, and, other academic degrees.

VET – Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training

VET or Vocational Education and Training is a major part of Tertiary education, which provides accredited job-related training and where individuals can improve their technical skills. A student can choose from a broad group of available careers and industries. To name a few – retail, hospitality, trade, technology, construction, tourism, management, finance, and many more.

TAFE: Technical and Further Education

Australian qualification framework

So, you have got a basic understanding of the educational bodies that TAFE is a part of. Now, let us read about what it actually is. TAFE is that level of education where a student can pursue one of the various vocational courses that he is interested in. This education is most likely to be voluntary and profession-oriented. Most courses can accept an application by any student. But, there are courses that require you to have a strong background and knowledge base in a particular discipline. TAFE institutions provide up to 1200 courses that a student can choose from. Their methods of teaching include campus education, online and, distance learning. All these courses are accredited under Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to the Vocational and Education Training, which we have discussed above. The Ten levels of qualifications are as follows: Certificate 1, Certificate 2, Certificate 3, Certificate 4, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Honors Degree, Master Degree and Doctoral Degree.

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Certificate 3 Qualification

This is the most common certification that students choose, as they are the best way to get started with your career. The courses underlying Certificate 3 are designed to give the students a broad range of knowledge and, improving their skills. However, the assignments pertaining to it, are lengthy and difficult as compared to the ones in the rest of the certifications. Some of the most popular courses are briefed below:

  1. Certificate 3 in Business Management: This course enables the students to gain knowledge and solid skills related to the business areas. It is considered to be the most appropriate path for those, who want to work in a business environment. By the end of this course, you will be able to know how to handle an office work and also, become more confident in handling other tasks as well.
  2. Certificate 3 in Childhood Care: The course gets you ready for a future career in Early Childcare. It is definitely the perfect course, if you want to engage yourself in Health Care, Safety and, the holistic well-being of children and infants.

Certificate 4 Qualification

Moving one-step ahead to the Certificate 4 courses, you will see that, these are created for those who want step into the challenging positions in the working environment. So, to get into the managerial and supervisory positions, these courses will help you learn a broad range of knowledge and specialised skills required for facing the challenges.

  1. Certificate 4 in Programming: This course polishes your technical and design skills so that you can start your career as a Computer Programmer or Software Developer. Here, one can master his fundamentals of JAVA, C-Sharp, User Experience, User Interface, Mobile Application Development, and much more.
  2. Certificate 4 in Project Management: This is the best way to sharpen your knowledge in Cost Estimating, Budget Estimation, Assessment and Prevention of Risks.

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