SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Sample

SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Sample
December 10, 2018
Author : Mike Carey

Whenever we talk about MOUTH-WATERING food, there’s one thing common among all the recipes out there. No, it’s not salt, but something that always surrounds the food item. Oh, the Kitchen! SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations is a course which is an irreplaceable part of the commercial kitchens. Our cookery assignment help experts have been approached by the students pursuing the course for their expert guidance with respect to food production, supervision, management, and other conceptual knowledge.

This is an interesting unit and is definitely for the passionate foodies! So, if you know a food, you can recommend him this course. At the same time, we shall take care of the assignments part.

Kitchen Observation in SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations

At My Assignment Help OZ, we shall now guide you on the part that requires keen observational skills, i.e., Kitchen Observation.

We have attached below a SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Sample. You would definitely find yourself troubled with a similar question file. Such an assignment would require a very specific kind of approach in order to get yourself the HD you want. You could attempt to answer it yourself or let us do the talking!

Here, find the sample below.

SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Sample

SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Sample Approach

In such a question, you shall include –

  • Briefing
  • Preparation
  • Service
  • Clean down
  • De-brief

Another example for the SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations course, here it goes. Yes, it’s going to be a bit technical but you are going to require the technical knowledge if you want to succeed in this field.

Scenario Based SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Sample


Scenario Based SITHKOP005 Assignment Sample

Scenario Based SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Sample

If you are given the above situation, how do you answer the following questions?

  • Mention the ways by which the cost of food could be minimised?
  • If sales declined, what would happen to the food cost percentage as a whole?
  • What happens to the total sales if the service quality and food’s quality experiences a decline?

From the above three questions, let’s see how to answer the last one.

SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Answer

The sales of an organisation whose quality of food and services nosedives would also go down along given that sales are directly dependent on the quality of services or goods offered. It would affect the following –

  1. Brand Image: Brand Image is a long-term consequence and not a short-term one. customers always play a major role in any industry. in the cookery industry, it is the customers who spread the word and are responsible for the WOM and hence the Brand Image.
  2. Customer Base: When a restaurant or a chain of restaurants deliberately reduces the quality of food or its services, the customers would definitely tend to move towards an alternative. The customers value their hard-earned money and pay for the food’s quality and accompanying services. therefore, in the given scenario, customers would not think twice before rendering the services.
  3. Low Sales: More is the number of customers who come and happily avail of the restaurant’s services, the better would be the sales. If the quality is decreased, the organisation (any) would experience a downfall due to lack of customers or customers starting to shift to the nearest possible competitor.
  4. Future Opportunities: Each customer can be remarketed for the future. A mismanagement and the restaurant might end up losing the customer for life. With that would go the opportunity to remarket or re-sell. Even if the restaurant promises to offer better discounts or loyalty programmes in the future, the customer would not stay. Fr him, value for money he spends is far more important than discounts.
  5. Stakeholders:  The relationship with the stakeholders which is important for any businesses’ growth can get tarnished if the quality of the foods and services is deliberately kept low. Since it would not match the customer's expectations, the stakeholders would turn to you and interrogate you for the reason why that’s happening!

Well, that was an example of how to write a SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignment Answer. There are more tricky questions that could be asked of you in this course. To know more about the course or the questions and answers that may be asked of you in the form of SITHKOP005 Coordinate Cooking Operations Assignments, you are recommended to get in touch with our cookery assignment experts and avail of our services.

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