Nursing BIOL122 Human Biological Science Assignment Sample

Nursing BIOL122 Human Biological Science Assignment Sample
December 04, 2018
Author : Mike Carey

The assignment task in BIOL122 starts by describing the pharmacological and pathophysiology management for a person who is suffering from either type II asthma or diabetes. Here, you will have to make a vodcast and demonstrate an effective use of oral and written communication. One of the major challenges that lie here is in understanding the marking rubric. This is where an online BIOL122 human biological science assignment expert can allow you to overcome this problem. The expert has a vast knowledge of the subject and solved such assessment tasks multiple numbers of times. This is why he is considered to be the most reliable individual at My Assignment Help Oz who can guide you to score excellent grades.

BIOL122 Human Biological Science Assessment Sample and Solution

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Moreover, there are various online nursing samples and nursing examples available on the internet. These are great reference points that students can use for the purpose of solving their own BIOL122 human biological science assessments. The main issue that many students face is in finding the right sample on time. This is primarily because there are too many BIOL122 assignment samples on the internet that are incomplete, inaccurate, and unreliable.

To simplify such a problem and save your valuable time, you can find a BIOL122 human biological science assessment sample and solution below. This was recently solved by our nursing assignment experts by making sure that they read every guideline and requirement before starting the work.

BIOL122 Human Biological Science Assessment Sample Detailed Tasks

In this BIOL122 nursing assignment sample, the main task is to create a 5-minute vodcast presentation about type II diabetes or asthma. This Vodcast should be about a specific person/client who has either type II diabetes and asthma. The full BIOL122 assignment solution is given below where you can see how the Vodcast is created. Here is the list of tasks or questions that need to be answered in this assignment:

  1. Detailed explanation of two major pathological changes that occur in the lungs during an asthma attack in the person/client:

    1. Inflammation of the bronchi
    2. Bronchial smooth muscle contraction

  2. To choose one of the following mechanisms that can be used for the treatment of the person

    1. Salbutamol
    2. Inhaled corticosteroid

  3. To determine whether exercises can help the person improve his symptoms
  4. Explain whether smoking cigarettes trigger or exacerbate symptoms of asthma

It is important to create the vodcast exactly on the basis of the criteria provided by the teacher. In addition, an annotated bibliography also needs to be included as a part of this BIOL122 assessment. This contains information regarding how a student uses his research to the support answers.

annotated bibliography

Here is the BIOL122Human Biological Science Assessment Solution:

Choosing The Best Online BIOL122 Assignment Expert

A whole team of qualified nursing professionals at My Assignment Help Oz provides students with their online assignment help. These individuals assist and guide them in completing their nursing assessments on time. Moreover, we also provide them with the best quality of BIOL122 human biological science assessment samples and solutions so that it becomes easier to solve their own tasks on time. This has allowed hundreds of students to score excellent grades in their assignments by enabling them to avoid any late submissions at all.

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