Find the Best Portfolio Writing Help and Build a Diverse Sample Range

Find the Best Portfolio Writing Help and Build a Diverse Sample Range
May 14, 2018
Author : Mike Carey

Yes, diversity is the word to begin with. Is this not the thing that gives students the hardest time while compiling a portfolio? This is after you have worked hard over the years on the academic pieces every semester. However, a professional portfolio writing help service cannot be let go so easily. A good one in fact will cover all the aspects of portfolio writing. But before plunging into the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of portfolio building, let’s briefly consider the philosophy behind it.

Think of a parallel to understand the reasons better. In a weightlifting event in Olympics, every participant gets three chances. The chances after the first one are provided so that he or she can improve on his or her previous lift. This gives the participant more number of attempts to arrive at the best performance. However, there is something more subtle going on here as well. For the second and third attempt, a participant has to decide the weight based on their previous lifts. Here the audience is also judging the participant on how good a reader he/she is of her abilities.

Enough about weightlifting! The principles though hold for portfolio writing as well. The idea is to give students the option of presenting a bigger sample from which the teacher can assess their abilities. This is what online portfolio makers help you with. They include the best pieces from all that you have got. When you submit a single piece of writing, chances are all your skills with writing, research, organisation, etc. are not done justice to. One cannot be good in all the aspects in one piece. Hence, one should choose, but wisely, many.

Choosing Wisely – Things to Keep In Mind and In The Portfolio

A good online portfolio maker, for example, experts at My Assignment Help OZ, will decide between pieces on a variety of factors. However, this stage comes when you have adequate number of pieces with you. If not, there is no need to worry. Given the parameters involved, we know you would certainly say create my portfolio anew.

This is because revision at times can be as time consuming as doing the fresh pieces. In fact, revision is what a teacher is also judging you on. Going back to the weightlifting example, a teacher wants to see how good you are as an objective reader of your writing. This applies to both writing done some time ago, and recently.

There are, however, a number of things you should know whether you are organising your portfolio yourself or taking assistance from professional portfolio builder.

  • Choice – Opt for pieces that are representative of your academic interests. Limiting to one theme would make the pieces in the portfolio similar.
  • Progress – As the teacher moves from reading the first piece in the portfolio to the very last, he/she should be able to notice the growth of your intellectual interest and research capabilities. How would he/she get to know this? Only through the writing you submit and the order in which you arrange it.
  • New Writing – The most important part. If you are not sure of the writing you have with you, it is always advisable to get a good assignment service to write new ones for you. This can also be done when you do not have the pieces in adequate number.

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