Can You Brain Storm on a topic? Mind Mapping is the Solution

Can You Brain Storm on a topic? Mind Mapping is the Solution
March 27, 2018
Author : Mike Carey

Mind mapping is the answer to all your complexities and helps you clearly identify a connection between different aspects of the topic.

Mind mapping is a technique that makes your learning more engaging and exciting. The information which can be as concepts and ideas are arranged in a non-linear form. Such representations are useful as it helps in developing your creativity. Mind mapping, if successfully used, can make even complicated topics, easy to understand. The idea radiates from the centre and goes on to form a tree-like structure, wherein its branches can also be inter-related.

Assignments done by using mind mapping increases the retention of students. These students also get the clear picture of every topic or subtopic that influences the central theme of the assignment.

How to use it?

Mind maps are used to make your study more appealing and interesting. It can be used for a variety of purposes as shown in the image below.

Using mind mapping

Each of these above-mentioned points can be as complex as the other. However, it is the mind map that makes it simpler because mind maps are nothing but identifying relationships and organising ideas around it. The more streamline the mapping is, the better is its penetration in the mind of the students.

Drawing A Mind Map Is as Easy as Writing 1-2-3

The proverb – do not judge a book by its cover, is best suited for understanding a mind map’s structure. The final mind map may look quite complex, but the process is very simple.

1st step – The idea or concept that need to be developed upon, must be at the centre of a blank page. A lands scape view is more preferred while drawing a mind map.

2nd step – The subtopics that emanates from this central point are connected accordingly with a line to construct a rough sketch.

3rd step – The above process is repeated to enlarge this tree, thereby, constructing a holistic and thorough sketch.

These steps are just a mechanical process of drawing a mind map. What is important in this regard is the knowledge of central theme and the expertise to analyse the determinants that influence its shape. A well thought out plan before making this map can bring out the best in you highlighting every minute detail about the idea/concept.

Mind Mapping Assignments: Are They So Difficult?

The answer is simple – they are not. However, if a student is unable to understand the topic or has limited knowledge in the subject, then the scenario can change. In such a scenario, the only option for a student is to seek some help from professional assignment writing services. One such trustworthy name in the market is My Assignment Help OZ. Our academic assistance is not limited to academic writing, we also provide a one-to-one live session with our experts and other services such plagiarism checking and quality checking.

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