Big Data and Data Analytics Assignment Sample

Big Data and Data Analytics Assignment Sample
January 04, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Whenever you are given the big data analytics assignment questions, don’t you feel that everything is going above your head?

It is obvious, due to the complexity involved in subject. Basically, you are required to examine large and varied data sets, that are referred to as the big data. Based on this, you are then to uncover important information such as hidden patterns, unknown correlations and the existing market trends, customer preferences.

So, in this blog, My Assignment Help OZ brings forth Big Data and Data Analytics assignment sample and solution for you.

What Type of Big Data and Data Analytics Assignment Questions Create Problem for Students?

Basically, there are six questions which students need to complete in such assignments. Overall it comprises of 10 marks. So, here is a detailed description of the questions in this big data and data analytics assignment sample which prove to be a hurdle for students.

Question 1 (2 Marks)

In the first question, which comprises of 2 marks, you are required to perform a multiple regression using R as a variable. R regresses MEDV on CRIM (crime rate by town), RM (the number of total rooms), NOX (nitric oxides concentration), DIS (distance to five Boston employment centres), as well as AGE (proportion of units that owner have occupied prior to 1940). Then, you are to interpret these coefficients and thereafter report these results of regression in APA style.

Question 2 (1 mark)

Based on the value of R found in the first Big Data and Data Analytics assignment question, you are to now create a new factor variable, which would be called as NOXCAT. This variable would classify the suburbs into various towns, such as LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH (based on NOX). The following is the categorisation which you ought to follow while giving the big data and data analytics assessment solution:

-LOW (<=30% Quantile)

-MEDIUM (>30% & <=70% quantile)

-HIGH (>70% quantile)

Following this, you would have to use ggplot for creating a boxplot. This would show different values of NOXCAT.

Question 3 (2 marks)

The third question in this big data and data analytics assignment sample is based on the newly created NOXCAT values, you would have to use R for creating a set of dummy variables manually. After this, you would have to regress MEDV on different NOX categories. The dummy variables must be such that intercept reflects the MEDV value of suburb in the MEDIUM category. Based on these values, you are to interpret the coefficient.

As you can notice, there are 3 questions in this big data and data analytics assignment sample. 

Big Data and Data Analytics Assignment Help by our experts

Here is the complete Big Data and Data Analytics assessment solution which our engineering assignment experts have recently completed for the reference purpose of students.

For these three above discussed questions, first our experts tabulated all the given information in a systematic form. Then, they performed the multiple linear regression with CRIM, RM, NOX, DIS and AGE.

Thereafter, our experts performed the ANOVA test for a P value and F statistic which is less than 0.05. with this observation, they concluded that the MLR model is statistically significant. The table 2 also represents that there are 5 variables in the model.

Then, they prepared the MED by NOX category model, as per the values found.

In question 3, they prepared a table based on their observations of the table no 1 and 2. Now, the third table displays the mean of LOW NOX, the mean of MEDIUM NOX as well as the mean of HIGH NOX.

In the end, our engineering assignment help experts found out the MEDV values for LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH for this Big Data and Data Analytics assignment sample.

Why Rely on Our Experts?

My Assignment Help OZ is a firm which not only believes in guiding students, but also shows them they way through their Big Data and Data Analytics assignment sample and solutions. We understand how students feels when they get stuck in such tedious assignments. Thus, we work with an aim to provide useful academic assistance to them and ease their academic journey. So, feel free to contact us anytime for expert consultation.

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