Best Assignment Help and Their Claims – Fact Check

Best Assignment Help and Their Claims – Fact Check
September 10, 2018
Author : Mike Carey

Every other assignment writing company is claiming to be the best assignment help you can get. Sound too suspicious, doesn’t it? If that could be possible, wouldn’t Samsung and Apple, both, be the best brand (though we know which one is better, don’t we?). Among countless assignment writers who are offering their services, it is crucial for a student to know which one to believe and which one to report to the authorities.

So, here are some fact checks that these self-proclaimed ‘best assignment help’ companies do want you to find out. We have secrets sources in Wikileaks who has passed on this information for the money you can’t even imagine.

Free Assignment Writing Help

No single business exists or offers a service that they are not earning from. Even those 25% extra chips in a packet of Lay’s are not free. Hence, if someone is offering to write your assignments absolutely free, do not proceed. There will only be one of the following two outcomes –

  1. Either you will get the worst assignment there ever could be. Had you copied the entire Wikipedia page and submitted the assignment, your content would have been far better.
  2. Or you will never get your assignment on time.

Once you have sent in your assignment and mentioned the deadlines and stuff, they will go dark. Vanish into thin air. It is only a few hours before your deadline when you are expecting your assignment, they will drop in an email demanding a ridiculous price because you cannot approach any other company with a 2000-word essay with only 4 hours to the deadline.

free assignment help

Submitting Your Assignments in A Flash

A fake assignment writing service claiming to be the best assignment help is usually some college going kids who are getting bored in their mother’s basement and want to earn some extra cash to buy some weed. Such people do not know what deadlines are and what role does it play in an assignment.

If you ever come across an assignment writing help provider who claims to submit your assignment much sooner than you even expect it, they are lying. It’s a straight up lie to your face. Unless they have been greeted by Harrison Wells for real, doing this is literally impossible.

What actually happens in these cases is that you will keep calling them asking for your assignment and all they will respond is “you’ll get it soon enough”. If soon enough were a person, he would have died without delivering your assignment.

No kidding, this is exactly the scene that is happening in such fake companies.

Over Optimisation of The Content

Since nobody goes to their websites, their name is not displayed in the 1st Google search result page. So, to increase their visibility, they over-use the keywords that you search. For example, if a keyword was ‘Assignment Help Australia’, a blog post of their organisation would be bombarded with this term. With the quality of their blogs and articles, you can easily interpret the kind of professionalism such companies would display to their clients.

That’s how they treat your search queries. No kidding.

What to Do Then?

Jesus is great, when he closes one door he, sure enough, opens another. Here are some things that can help you find a reliable online assignment help in Australia.

Believe the word of mouth. Read the reviews left by the customers on their websites. You can get an idea of the kind of service that they provide.

Search every platform you can related to their company – website, Google, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Wikihow, everywhere.

Hope this blog was helpful to you in identifying the facts and how to ascertain if they are true or not. For more information on an assignment writing services, feel free to contact My Assignment Help Oz

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