Air Transport Economics Assignment Sample

Air Transport Economics Assignment Sample
January 18, 2019
Author : Chloe Kirner

Introduction to Air Transport Economics course is one of the most unique courses taught in Australian universities. Students learn about various aspects of air transportation during the course. It comprises of various assignments where students must demonstrate their knowledge and  level of understanding of the course. Submitting quality work on time becomes an essential component of scoring the top grades. But when there are certain challenges due to which this task becomes unachievable, an online air transport economics assignment help expert can assist them. Moreover,you can take reference from the air transport economics assignment sample below, and solve your own assessment.  

Air Transport Economics Assignment Question Tasks

In air transport economics  course, students receive a number of assignments on key topics such as:

  • air cargo economics
  • regulatory framework
  • low cost carrier models
  • air transport value chain
  • air transport pricing
  • air transport privatisation
  • economic impacts, and more

Online economics assignment help experts can  assist you in solving all your assessments easily, thus, allowing you to score excellent grades in these writing tasks.

This air transport economics assignment sample comprises two air transport economics assignment questions:

Question 1: What are the key effects of aircraft noise? Briefly comment on the prevalence of the noise issue using global examples (provide references).

Answer 1: Aircraft noise has a lot of physical and mental health effects on people. These noises are extremely disturbing and affect an individual’s sleeping habits, sometimes even impacting people’s ability to sleep. Such noise significantly influence the sleep patterns, forcing them to change abnormally. This can be easily noticed at the workplace where a lack of sleep, feelings of tension, and fatigues reduce workers’ performance. People have also reported a loss of hearing, as this is a direct effect form the extended period of exposure to high noise level. The aircraft noise may be harmful to mental health, the symptoms of depression are relatively common to be found on people who are suffering from noise pollution. There is another minor effect which is the decline in property values of the noise affected residential areas. There would be a rise in general hostility because of the noise disturbance.

Question 2: In the second question in this air transport economics assignment sample, the student has to identify at least four stakeholders in the Sydney airport noise issue (refer to Item 4 in the previous page). Moreover, in this air transport economics assignment question, one has to briefly describe each stakeholder’s role in managing and mitigating the negative impact of aircraft-noise.

Answer 2: There are few key stakeholders involved in the Sydney airport noise issue, including the Australian and NSW Governments, local councils, the aviation and freight industries, business and community groups (Aircraft designers and manufacturers, airlines and airport communities). For the government and local councils, they have involved in the early and ongoing planning decisions on essential airfield infrastructure such as runway directions and terminal locations in fact, the main and third runways of Sydney airport are built next to Botany bay, allowing aircraft's flyover the bay rather than lands in order to reduce the numbers of community being affect. Aviation organization and the government publish regulations about night-time curfew (11pm to 6am) to mitigate midnight noise impacts on residential areas. Local councils of the high noise impact districts such as Marrickville Council, promote building retrofit strategies, such as upgrading the roofs of buildings, improving noise proof performance of windows and evaluating caulking construction seams.

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