A Good Writing is An Epitome of your Voice: Tips For an Effective Essay

A Good Writing is An Epitome of your Voice: Tips For an Effective Essay
May 01, 2018
Author : Mike Carey

The first and foremost question that arises in anyone’s mind, or to be precise in a student’s mind is that, what is an essay? In a layman’s language, an essay is a just a mere piece of writing that a person sees anywhere, like in newspaper or in a magazine. To some extent he or she might be right in their opinion, but to write an effective and charmey essay one needs to understand what exactly an essay means. An essay is something that depicts one’s argument in formal or informal way.

But, just writing is not enough, to make it more appealing and technically sound one needs to follow the potential steps that are required for the same:

Picking of a Relevant Topic: You may have various thoughts that come to your mind and you would like to give them some meaning. For that, you have to decide the purpose of your writing and whether your essay is going to be informative, persuasive or subjective. It is only then, you select the topic of your choice.

Prepare the Blue Print of Your Ideas: Clarity in thoughts and proper organisation of your ideas is significant in order to write an effective essay. To get a clear view, design the outline of your main idea. After that, jot down the points that you feel might be relevant for your essay.

Write Down the Proposal: As you have chosen the topic and categorised your ideas, its time to write the proposal. It consists of two parts i.e. the topic of an essay and the theme of the essay. For example, if you are writing an essay on Sir Don Bradman and his impact on cricket the statement would be “Sir Don Bradman, averaging 99.99 in test cricket has impacted the cricket in a tremendous way”.

Content: Under content comes the body and the introduction of the essay. Body of an essay describes and explains your topic. Each main point that you have listed under the outline, comes within the body of your essay. But, content is not complete without the introduction. Writing a catchy introduction is not a choice, but its mandatory to show the focus of your essay. You could start an introduction with a quote, a dialogue or a simple synopsis of your essay.

Conclusion: The winding up of an essay is done under the conclusion part. In order to depict your overall perspective about the topic write done 3 to 4 strong sentences that can support your argument.

Formatting: Formatting of the essay is done while checking the overall essay and proofreading it. And finally review your essay by reading it.

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